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Business Registration Services

Handling business registration and related tasks requires specialized knowledge of relevant laws and regulations. If even a minor part of the application process is not properly executed, government officials will immediately require resubmission or additional documents, leading to unnecessary time wastage. Therefore, entrusting your business registration and related tasks to Yiita Accounting and Bookkeeping Firm ensures all your registration needs are efficiently met without any hassle.

Establishment Registration
  • Sole Proprietorship Registration and Establishment

  • Limited Liability Company Registration and Establishment

  • Corporation Registration and Establishment

  • Branch Office Registration and Establishment

Franchise registration
  • Tobacco Import Business

  • Alcohol Import Business

  • Interior Decoration Business

  • Short-term Tutoring Services

  • Public Welfare Lottery Agency

  • Sports Lottery Agency

  • Leisure Agriculture

  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering

  • Specific Pet Services

  • For more inquiries...

Change of Registration
  • Change of Responsible Person

  • Change of Shareholding

  • Change of Company Name

  • Change of Business Scope

  • Change of Business Address

  • Increase in Capital

  • Reduction in Capital

  • Other Amendments

Other Items
  • Company Dissolution Registration

  • Import and Export Trader Registration

  • Establishment of Labor and Health Insurance Coverage Unit

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