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Documents required for company establishment

In the process of establishing a company, the preparation of documents cannot be taken lightly at all. A single mistake in any step can delay the entire registration process. But don't worry, with the professional assistance of Yiita Accounting & Bookkeeping Service, we will constantly remind you of the necessary documents, ensuring that you don't miss the best opportunity to start your business. 

1. 預查名稱 (2-3個)
2. 營業項目
3. 負責人身份證影本
4. 各股東身份證影本
5. 公司名租賃契約影本或所有權人同意書影本2份
6. 房屋稅單影本 或 建物所有權狀影本
7. 會計師資本簽證應提供文件
8. 存摺影本(封面影本、蓋章頁影本、金額頁影本)
9. 存款餘額證明影本(證明至簽證日)

全部預估所需時間:公司 20 工作天 、 行號 12 工作天

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